The best use of God’s stuff

I’ve been reading the latest Compassion mag, and there was one story that I had to share – “The man with 50 kids”. Yep, this guy, David Chalmers, supports 50 children with Compassion! I don’t think this is God’s call on everyone, but his way of thinking is definitely a challenge to us all…

“Since embracing the reality that all I have belongs to God… I have chosen to live simply and am content…”

If you’re already a sponsor then it’s a challenge to take it seriously and be the best sponsor you can; and if you’re not sponsoring a kid… then it’s a challenge to look into child sponsroship, because as Compassion would say, and I totally agree with – ‘it works’.

“I think that as long as people have that mindset – we live for ourselves, we have to have this, we have to have that… then poverty will still exist.”

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One for One

TOMSI come across quite a few different programs and efforts to support and raise money for different causes, in fact at times it can be quite overwhelming! Occasionaly there is one that stands out and inspires me because it is clever, unique or doing something extradionary to help others. I recently came across this great program called ‘One for One‘ which is run by TOMS (, more famously known for thier range of shoes, where each pair of shoes they sell, they give one pair to some needy kids – unique and clever! They are quite famous infact – I was suprised to see they have almost 1 MILLION people who like them on facebook (!! Great to see so many people supporting an awesome program like this. Continue reading “One for One”

Ok so it’s not on Sunday…

A while ago I posted on Compassion Sunday, but I have to confess, it’s not going to be “Compassion Sunday” anymore, at least for me – you see, I go to church on Saturday arvo… so for me and our church I’ve had to change it to “Compassion Saturday”!

(note: ‘Saturday’ text added by LLG – official poster states ‘Compassion Sunday’)

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The goodies pay off!

I walked into the kitchen at work last week and found this note on the goodies fridge… My first thought was that it might be a notice to say that there would be no more goodies…! You see it’s based on an honesty system, where you put the money in the when you take the goodies… But some naughty people have not been paying for their treats, so Sue sent an email round last week asking people to be honest and pay for what they take… Seems fair enough since all the money is going to a great charity! Continue reading “The goodies pay off!”

Basket of goodies!


This is the little basket of goodies in the office at work. Everyone love the goodies in this basket… especially when it’s been a long day and you just need some sugar or chips to get you through the arvo! Sue, our accounts lady runs this basket of goodies. Ironically, she’s also the fruit lady, trying to keep us all healthy by putting out fresh fruit every day (maybe to offset the goodies!).

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Meet ‘Tenny’


This is ‘Tenny’ – well actually his name is Yeabsira Kidanie Tenny, but in true Aussie spirit we gave him a nickname (plus its way easier to say!).

Tenny is our Compassion sponsor child. We’ve had Tenny for a few years now, and its been awesome to see him grow up each year! When we picked Tenny, we really didn’t know what to look for in choosing a sponsor kid except we knew we wanted one quite young and from Ethopia. Tenny was one of the hundreds of cute little faces on the Compassion website who needed some love…

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