One for One

TOMSI come across quite a few different programs and efforts to support and raise money for different causes, in fact at times it can be quite overwhelming! Occasionaly there is one that stands out and inspires me because it is clever, unique or doing something extradionary to help others. I recently came across this great program called ‘One for One‘ which is run by TOMS (, more famously known for thier range of shoes, where each pair of shoes they sell, they give one pair to some needy kids – unique and clever! They are quite famous infact – I was suprised to see they have almost 1 MILLION people who like them on facebook (!! Great to see so many people supporting an awesome program like this.

“The One For One movement is about people making everyday choices that improve the lives of children.”

Now they’ve branched out from the shoe program to eyewear…and the wider movement called One For One. What I love about this whole movement is that it taps into the western world’s basic need for shoes or sunnies, or greedy desire to have more (which ever way you see it), and from that provides for the essential needs of kids who have no shoes or need help with their vision in developing countries. Such a simple equation – buy something to give something – with such a great outcome – giving life and support to needy kids!

So if you need some new shoes or sunnies, why not head over to and check out their range (I think they are now shipping to AUS!). Or hey if you are feeling greedy and don’t really need new shoes, but you just want to help a kid and give them some new shoes, then just buy some anyway – I think this is one case where its OK to be greedy, as your greed will actually HELP those in need – how good is that!


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