Firstly, I don’t live the ‘life less greedy’. But I do have a real desire to do so… to live a life more generous. My name is Anthony (or ‘Tones’ if you like). Husband to my beautiful wife Beck, and Dad to 2 beautiful kids – Isy and Josh! We live in (arguably) the best city in the world, Sydney – a mishmash of culture and a boiling pot of consumerism and wealth. Life Less Greedy (LLG) is as much about me seeking to be more generous as it is about encouraging others to do the same, as we live amongst this culture. LLG not a big guilt trip to make everyone feel bad, but rather my own personal experiences, thoughts and ideas to help me, and hopefully others, to live a life more generous.

We’re Doing Pretty Well

If you live in Australia, let alone Sydney, chances are you are doing pretty well for yourself in comparison to a majority of the rest of the world.

And if you’re anything like me, you are probably surrounded by an affluent society that on the surface ultimately seeks to gratify ‘self’ – it’s so easy to get swept up in this culture of selfishness and go along with the pressure to please and serve yourself and those you love. I don’t think many people would say they are ‘greedy’, in fact a lot of people are generous and seek to help others where they can. I think that most people are generous at heart and if given the opportunity, they’d give to those in need. But when we’re caught up in the busyness of life and listen to the message that our culture delivers, we find ourselves once again consumed with our own needs, and giving what we have to our pleasurable ‘wants’.

Going along in my busy life, with my desire to be more generous being mostly clouded and distracted by many things, it was one striking fact, that sparked my desire to be more proactive… and not long after I started this blog.

Life Less Greedy seeks to help us all live a life less greedy, and a little more generous – to promote opportunities to be generous and to challenge the use of our resources for the good of others.

A Generous God

Why? We are created, sustained and more importantly loved by an amazingly generous God. Jesus walked the earth and had a heart for the poor, but more than that, God, in the ultimate act of generosity, sent Jesus to deal with our sins for all time so we can be in a right relationship with Him:

If you know what this is all about, God has called us to love him, and others – to love them is to look after their needs (not our own), and point them to Jesus. If you don’t know what this is all about, you can still be generous and love others, but check this out – www.christianity.net.au – it might give you a fresh heart of generosity for others.


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