Money doesn’t stick to my hands

Motivation for Giving & Sticky Hands

An interesting question I was recently challenged with – Is giving just for the benefit of the receiver of the gift?

I heard a talk from George Müller, an amazing man with great faith in God who started an orphanage from nothing, and ended up housing thousands of kids and impacting many lives.

In a talk I heard from him, George suggested that giving is not just for the benefit receiver, but also for the giver. He told a story of a poor widow who had received an inheritance and wished to donate it all to the orphanage ministry – he refused to take the money since she was so poor, but she insistently replied: “do not deny me the blessing of my gift”. Continue reading “Money doesn’t stick to my hands”



Most have probably experienced ‘information overload’… But have you ever experienced ‘generosity overload’?

OverloadI don’t know about you, but I get bombarded by people or organisations asking for my money…asking me to donate, to give, to partner… to be generous! Whether it be a charity organisation just running their usual donation call or it’s in response to the latest natural disaster (and how many of these have there been lately!), there is always a good reason for someone to be asking for your generosity.

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Meet ‘Tenny’


This is ‘Tenny’ – well actually his name is Yeabsira Kidanie Tenny, but in true Aussie spirit we gave him a nickname (plus its way easier to say!).

Tenny is our Compassion sponsor child. We’ve had Tenny for a few years now, and its been awesome to see him grow up each year! When we picked Tenny, we really didn’t know what to look for in choosing a sponsor kid except we knew we wanted one quite young and from Ethopia. Tenny was one of the hundreds of cute little faces on the Compassion website who needed some love…

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New iPad… I want one!

The new iPad comes out in a week…

Even though I currently already have one (work gave me one), Apple is doing a great job convincing me that I need the new one… society says I need to upgrade to the new one…

If I can part with the money to have a luxury item like this, why should it be so hard to part with the same, or less money to give to someone who doesn’t even know what an iPad is and would just love an apple to eat…

Check out the iPad 2 – (caution you’ll be tempted to buy one!)

Or another option – for about the same amount you could help to train a teacher in Zambia, pay their salary and ultimately invest into the lives of the next generation of needy kids… check it out: