Lately: Olympic disparities // Sevenly // Test your hunger IQ

It’s been fairly quite on the LLG front for the last few months… A new baby can do that! To get back into the swing of things, here’s the first of a new series of posts called “Lately…” – I come across so many awesome things and want to share them all, but never have the time… So “Lately…” is basically short snippets of cool things I’ve found or that have challenged me. So here’s what I’ve found “Lately…”

#1 // Sevenly – One Week. One Cause.

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There’s always lots to read and write about global poverty, “Third World problems” and the massive efforts taking place by international aid organisations, but sometimes it’s good to hear about local action taking place – you could call it “Micro-Generosity” (similar to micro finance) – not ‘micro’ as in a small amount of generosity, but in terms of generosity taking place on a smaller scale, by individuals or small organisations or groups.

These days there are some great tools around that allow people to raise money for just about any cause. Everyday Hero is a great Aussie website that does just this – build your own fundraising page to raise money for over 1200 charities. It’s very popular with over 20,000 ‘heroes’ in action today! Another big one is Causes where “anyone can change the world” as they say. And it’s true – they’ve raised over $40 million for 27,000 non-profits! Continue reading ““Micro-Generosity””

2 Chickens. 5 Bucks.

Tear is running a simple little promo for Easter: Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck – 2 Chickens. 5 Bucks.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of chocolate and I’m going to smash a few little Lindt bunnies this Easter – but instead of buying too much chocolate to celebrate this season, why not buy a couple of chickens this Easter for $5!

“Enable a poor family to start breeding chickens and enjoy a supply of eggs to eat and sell. At only $5, TEAR’s Chickens make eggs-cellent Easter gifts!

A couple of chickens may provide a life-line to those people living close to poverty. Their eggs not only provide additional sustenance, but surplus eggs can be sold to help with a family’s income.”

So instead of giving your family and friends choccie eggs to indulge in, give some chickens that will supply some real eggs to some people who need them just to survive…! $5 to give life, or $5 for indulgence… or hey, if you’ve got $10 then give both!

Get your eggs online at:, or call 1800 244 986 to place your order.

Become an Everyday Hero!

Here’s a great website helping people live a life less greedy!

Ever wanted to raise money for something, but not sure how to promote it, take payments from people and do all the little organising bits? here’s your answer…

“Everyday Hero is the culmination of all our experience, expertise and this knowledge. It’s about our conviction that by making ‘giving’ as easy, efficient, beneficial and ultimately as ‘everyday’ as possible, our world will improve… one act of kindness at a time.”

Check it out –