Charity at work

I got an email at work the other day about a an encouraging response to a sad situation. One of our staff members nephews has cancer and is undergoing surgery to have his arm and shoulder amputated…! Full on stuff for a young kid to go through, and on top of that his mum has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This sort of thing tends to give me perspective, and makes me think how lucky I am, even when I have a rotten cold (like I currently do!), it’s really nothing to complain about compared to what some people are going through.

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The goodies pay off!

I walked into the kitchen at work last week and found this note on the goodies fridge… My first thought was that it might be a notice to say that there would be no more goodies…! You see it’s based on an honesty system, where you put the money in the when you take the goodies… But some naughty people have not been paying for their treats, so Sue sent an email round last week asking people to be honest and pay for what they take… Seems fair enough since all the money is going to a great charity! Continue reading “The goodies pay off!”

Basket of goodies!


This is the little basket of goodies in the office at work. Everyone love the goodies in this basket… especially when it’s been a long day and you just need some sugar or chips to get you through the arvo! Sue, our accounts lady runs this basket of goodies. Ironically, she’s also the fruit lady, trying to keep us all healthy by putting out fresh fruit every day (maybe to offset the goodies!).

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