Gifts That Give Twice

cataloguesIt’s that time of year where you start to get bombarded everyday with countless catalogues from all the major department stores and a myriad of other local retail businesses tempting you to buy all the latest and greatest for chrissie…. and let’s be honest, I love to have a browse and check out all the things I really want, but can’t really afford!

As well as all these ‘retail’ catalogues, you might be like us and receive a bunch of ‘gift catalogues’ from charity organisations. I think these catalogues are awesome! Such an easy and great way to be generous, and also a bit of a conversation starter if you give these gifts to someone who has never really heard of a gift catalogue before. I think it is a little confusing and perplexing for some when they get a gift, but don’t actually receive anything tangible, except the blessing of giving!

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2 Chickens. 5 Bucks.

Tear is running a simple little promo for Easter: Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck – 2 Chickens. 5 Bucks.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of chocolate and I’m going to smash a few little Lindt bunnies this Easter – but instead of buying too much chocolate to celebrate this season, why not buy a couple of chickens this Easter for $5!

“Enable a poor family to start breeding chickens and enjoy a supply of eggs to eat and sell. At only $5, TEAR’s Chickens make eggs-cellent Easter gifts!

A couple of chickens may provide a life-line to those people living close to poverty. Their eggs not only provide additional sustenance, but surplus eggs can be sold to help with a family’s income.”

So instead of giving your family and friends choccie eggs to indulge in, give some chickens that will supply some real eggs to some people who need them just to survive…! $5 to give life, or $5 for indulgence… or hey, if you’ve got $10 then give both!

Get your eggs online at:, or call 1800 244 986 to place your order.

Give a gift a month

You might know about the good old Tear gift catalogue and give something at Chrissie, once a year, but here’s a challenge to give a more regular gift of life to someone who really needs it: Gift A Month program

“TEAR Australia’s Gift A Month program enables you to help create a world of change.”

By buying a Useful Gift each month for a whole year, you’re supporting TEAR’s Christian partners as they work in partnership with communities overseas, helping them overcome poverty and marginalisation.

Gift A Month is ideal for involving your family, workplace, church or faith community in remembering the poor and supporting them in their fight for justice.

Check it out: