Here’s a great video to give us sneak peak into the sad reality of child slavery. So many shocking facts that should move us to create change – an we can.

So get on board with World Vision and tell the world No Child Should Ever Be For Sale. #nochildforsale

Head to http://worldvision.ca to start making a difference in a child’s life today.

Fair trade stuff costs more… is that fair?

Its funny how things come to your awareness… You may have never really thought of something ever before, then all of a sudden it’s everywhere you look. I like to call this the ‘Yellow Laser’ thing – back in high school when we were all getting our first cars, one of my mates got a bright yellow Ford Laser… I’d never seen anything like it before, but once it was on the mind, I seemed to see so many yellow Ford Lasers cruising around! Either they were giving them away, or my mind was just locked into the awareness of ‘yellow laser’, so something triggered when I saw one!

Ford Laser

My current ‘Yellow Laser’ is about the source of stuff – I’ve been challenged to think about where the things I own or buy come from, and also how it is made – as a general concept I suppose you could call this ‘fair trade’ (though from what I can gather, the issue is potentially much bigger than what some would define fair trade as). Continue reading “Fair trade stuff costs more… is that fair?”