How did you ‘spend’ your Christmas?

Just before Christmas this year I went down to our local bargin store ‘L.A Variety’ with my 2yr old Isy and we bought 2 sets of Christmas lights for a total of $12.95 – gotta love bargin stores! I found myself wondering if we really need 2 sets, and where we’d even put the second set, but then I thought… what’s another $5.00… why not! Our local newspaper, The Manly Daily, recently ran a story on the Richards family who have spent $250k on christmas lights…yep you read correct $250,000! Read the full story.

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Spark a Revolution!

Positive PostersI get excited about things like this because it brings 2 of my passions together – social justice and design. If you’re into either, then Positive Posters is worth checking out! Their annual poster competition allows people to express their own passion for social issues and design, by submitting a poster that reflects an idea or social issue.

“the unrivaled ability of designers to create impact, communicate and spark revolutions”

2 aussies put their heads, and passions together to develop what is now an internationally recognised competition. From their website: “Positive Posters is an Australian-based non-profit organisation that, with our community of designers, aims to raise international awareness for global social issues. We achieve this through an annual poster competition giving our community the opportunity to get together and have their say on a social issue or idea. Our community was founded upon our belief in the unrivaled ability of designers to create impact, communicate and spark revolutions.” Continue reading “Spark a Revolution!”