‘Love Wins’ (Literally)

Positive Posters announced their 2013 winner at their ‘Thirty’ Exhibition this week. Gotta love the irony of ‘Love Wins’, literally winning the comp!

PP13 Winner
2013 Winner – ‘Love Wins’ by Calvin Hui.

Aside from the irony, I’m a big fan of the winning poster – I love the ‘naughts & crosses’ concept of love vs money… very clever and effective way of conveying a very true, but easily forgotten truth. It’s a big challenge for everyday life, as we too often spend our life pursuing money… yet it is love we were created by, and for. It is in fact the very purpose of life.

In the end… love always wins.

Well said, and well done to Calvin Hui.


Print with Purpose

I recently had the opportunity to involve some great non profit organisations in a project for work.

Rather than wasting hundreds of meters of print as is often the case at print industry trade shows, I organised to offer printing to non profits. We were privileged to partner with World Vision, Oxfam and SurfAid to print hundreds of posters, banners and collateral for their upcoming campaigns.

Here’s a few pics of the prints coming off the fancy new Roland wide format printer. Thanks to Roland and also Shil and Avery media suppliers.

Glad we could help to make an impact for these great organisations!




Lately: Olympic disparities // Sevenly // Test your hunger IQ

It’s been fairly quite on the LLG front for the last few months… A new baby can do that! To get back into the swing of things, here’s the first of a new series of posts called “Lately…” – I come across so many awesome things and want to share them all, but never have the time… So “Lately…” is basically short snippets of cool things I’ve found or that have challenged me. So here’s what I’ve found “Lately…”

#1 // Sevenly – One Week. One Cause.

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Clothing with a Conscience

If you like design, and particularly if you are into T-shirts, then you’ll probably know about ‘Threadless‘ – an awesome brand/outlet for all things ‘T-shirt’. While checking out the site the other day I stumbled upon something I haven’t seen before – the “Atrium”.

Something which is pretty obvious when you think about it, but I’ve only really just come to realise in recent months, is that the T-shirt is one of the most powerful mediums to communicate and distribute a message. I recently did some work with renown T-shirt connoisseur Eddie Zammitt (founder of T-world journal), and quickly came to realise the impact and importance of T-shirt culture. If you think about it, most, if not everyone, wears T-shirts. Generally people will only wear T-shirts if they like the style, and probably more importantly, if they support the message that the tee communicates. So by someone wearing a tee by a certain brand or with a certain message, then they are basically endorsing that brand or message. Continue reading “Clothing with a Conscience”

750,000 Memories Making a Difference

I love photography and capturing precious or beautiful moments in time, so I really like this unique project which started organically as part of the clean-up mission after the Japan Tsunami. Basically thousands of photo’s where collected, restored and digitised with the aim of returning these precious memories to those who they belong to.

The aim of the ‘Lost And Found’ Project is to connect people who are willing to help, however small, and the people of the town of Yamamoto who were devastated by the tsunami, by providing opportunities for people in different places to experience the disaster through seeing the photos which were damaged beyond recognition.

“There are still 1,000 families having to live in temporary shelters today.”

Through what started out as the the ‘Memory Salvage Project‘, people collected over 750,000 photos that had been swept away in the tsunami, and now through the ‘Lost & Found Project’, these photos are shown at exhibitions and sold as posters, with all the funds going back into the local towns to help with housing and rebuilding left completely devestated by the disaster back in 2011. Yamamoto was one of the worst hit towns with over 50% of the town flooded, thousands of buildings ruined and over 600 people who died from the town. Continue reading “750,000 Memories Making a Difference”

Not a Drop To Drink [Infographic]

According to the United Nations, unsanitary water kills more people worldwide than war. As the precious water supply dwindles, it may prove to be more than just a crisis for developing countries. Click the image below to learn more…

“Every 20 seconds a child dies from water borne illness”

Source: GOOD and Column Five Media


There are tons of organisations doing great work to improve access and supply of clean water to those who need it most, but here is one that I like:

Water For Water’s heart is for those in need, those who find themselves without access to safe drinking water for themselves and their families. http://www.waterforwater.com

Thousands of Positive Posters!

Congrats to Nick and the crew at Positive Posters for running a successful 2011 competition! There were literally thousands of entries, so I did my best to look at most of them, but just couldn’t get through them all (or this post wouldn’t have been live until 2012!).

So here’s a few of my favourite entries based on the message they communicate, a clever concept, great design or a combination of them all. Enjoy!

by Tom Andrews // Hundred's and thousand's die in poverty

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Two Positive Posters

Positive PostersI recently posted about a great competition called Positive Posters. It’s in full swing now with heaps of entries coming in with some great designs, interesting concepts and challenging issues put out there.

I’ve been thinking about submitting something for a while and finally got around to it! So here’s my crack at some Positive Posters. Hope you like them – if you do then it would be awesome if could ‘like’ them – just click on the poster to go to the PP website and then hit the Facebook ‘like’ button!

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