Two Positive Posters

Positive PostersI recently posted about a great competition called Positive Posters. It’s in full swing now with heaps of entries coming in with some great designs, interesting concepts and challenging issues put out there.

I’ve been thinking about submitting something for a while and finally got around to it! So here’s my crack at some Positive Posters. Hope you like them – if you do then it would be awesome if could ‘like’ them – just click on the poster to go to the PP website and then hit the Facebook ‘like’ button!

More importantly, I hope the message/issues raised challenge you to action!

Speaking of action, here’s a good way to act on these issues:

Compassion “I Believe” Campaign. Check out the video below:

At the very least, take some action and sign the petition for the Australian Govt to increase foreign aid spending for the health sector.

For a bunch of other ways to act, check out the recent post about ‘A few good ways to help East Africa‘.


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