The Joy of Simplicity

A friend sent me a great story a while back that I thought was worth sharing. As with these things, I discovered it has been going around the web for a while, but I still I think it has a very interesting message that’s worthwhile considering as we go about our super busy lives.

We are so easily deceived into thinking that money will bring us contentment and satisfaction, but I challenge you to read it and see if you don’t find yourself in envy of the Mexican in the story. He has a simple yet it seems contented life, enjoying some work, his family and friends. I’m sure in envy… here I am working hard in my busy and pretty complex life, earning money to give my family a certain lifestyle that is considered the norm in the western world… It’s almost too hard to imagine that anyone could live so simply like the Mexican and be satisfied…. But its also oh so appealing!

The original article that was sent was titled “The Joy of Idleness”, but I’m not sure idleness is the best thing to rejoice in, so thought I’d make the title of this post about simplicity instead. Plus I really couldn’t bring myself to post it in the form that it was… So I decided to spruce it up a little and also added the source.

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(Dis)contentment and Perspective

Ahhh to be content!! I recently heard a great talk at church on… you guessed it… contentment. I thought at the time that it was a ‘timely’ message for me… but on reflection, any time would be ‘timely’ when talking about contentment… I mean who isn’t seeking contentment everyday?


I’m thankful for so many blessings in my life, and content with lots of things, but there’s definitely a few things that I’m currently discontent with… meet my car…

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