Thousands of Positive Posters!

Congrats to Nick and the crew at Positive Posters for running a successful 2011 competition! There were literally thousands of entries, so I did my best to look at most of them, but just couldn’t get through them all (or this post wouldn’t have been live until 2012!).

So here’s a few of my favourite entries based on the message they communicate, a clever concept, great design or a combination of them all. Enjoy!

by Tom Andrews // Hundred's and thousand's die in poverty

by Michael Ferreira // EAT THIS POSTER
by AnDrew Kwong // Food is a weapon
by Anita Wasik // Poverty
by Aimee Ryan // HUNGER
by Michelle Ferreira // Be moved with words
by Zoltán Zeman // Love/Use
by Michelle Ryan // Save Water
by Daniel Thompson // Please Think Before You Print
by Niama Wessely // Spending is not culture
by Peter Pham // Supreme Poverty

and of course I really shouldn’t forget to add my own entries –> check them out here.

I look forward to seeing the top 30 announcement and of course the winner! More importantly, it’s great to see so much positivity flooding out there and hopefully some of the posters can create a massive impact, motivate people to act or even spark a revolution!


5 thoughts on “Thousands of Positive Posters!

  1. Hi Anthony (-:
    I’m quite honoured to be on your ‘few-of-my-favourite’ list especially because the quality this year was outstanding!
    Cheers Michelle
    And your the creator of the 4 second poster that I always liked as well! Just had a look (-:

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Thanks for the comment! Thought your message in the poster was so true… it was actually this particular fact that was a motivation for me to get this blog going! nice work.
      Good luck in the comp!


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