The goodies pay off!

I walked into the kitchen at work last week and found this note on the goodies fridge… My first thought was that it might be a notice to say that there would be no more goodies…! You see it’s based on an honesty system, where you put the money in the when you take the goodies… But some naughty people have not been paying for their treats, so Sue sent an email round last week asking people to be honest and pay for what they take… Seems fair enough since all the money is going to a great charity!

So thankfully I discovered that the note was not about stopping the goodies, but rather about what all the money for the goodies has been used for! Since its a little hard to read, here’s what the note says…

“This is Gloria from the Ladies Committee – Friday 15th may 2011

We raised a massive $45k and were able to buy this machine for the Children’s Cancer Research. It’s a Real-Time Quantitve machine that they were desperate for.

Keep on drinking the the Cokes and eating the chocolates and chippies please, we could not have done without your support!

Many thanks


How awesome that by filling our greedy stomachs with tasty goodies, we have been able to help afford a machine that will help kids with cancer! And how awesome is Sue who does this simple thing, but its having such a great impact for those that need it.


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