Money doesn’t stick to my hands

Motivation for Giving & Sticky Hands

An interesting question I was recently challenged with – Is giving just for the benefit of the receiver of the gift?

I heard a talk from George Müller, an amazing man with great faith in God who started an orphanage from nothing, and ended up housing thousands of kids and impacting many lives.

In a talk I heard from him, George suggested that giving is not just for the benefit receiver, but also for the giver. He told a story of a poor widow who had received an inheritance and wished to donate it all to the orphanage ministry – he refused to take the money since she was so poor, but she insistently replied: “do not deny me the blessing of my gift”. Continue reading “Money doesn’t stick to my hands”

One for One

TOMSI come across quite a few different programs and efforts to support and raise money for different causes, in fact at times it can be quite overwhelming! Occasionaly there is one that stands out and inspires me because it is clever, unique or doing something extradionary to help others. I recently came across this great program called ‘One for One‘ which is run by TOMS (, more famously known for thier range of shoes, where each pair of shoes they sell, they give one pair to some needy kids – unique and clever! They are quite famous infact – I was suprised to see they have almost 1 MILLION people who like them on facebook (!! Great to see so many people supporting an awesome program like this. Continue reading “One for One”

Bite off more than you can chew…

HouseSomeone once gave me this advice regarding getting a home loan:

“Bite off more than you can chew, then chew as hard as you can!”

I think that is a good strategy for getting ahead, affording the house you want and exactly what this society would encourage us to do. We have a growing family and we are fast running out of room in our 2 bed house. Ideally we’d love to buy a 3+ bedroom house to fit the kids (let alone all their stuff!), but living in Sydney, with the highest housing prices in Australia, affording to do this is proving to be a serious challenge! What to do?

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Basket of goodies!


This is the little basket of goodies in the office at work. Everyone love the goodies in this basket… especially when it’s been a long day and you just need some sugar or chips to get you through the arvo! Sue, our accounts lady runs this basket of goodies. Ironically, she’s also the fruit lady, trying to keep us all healthy by putting out fresh fruit every day (maybe to offset the goodies!).

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Meet ‘Tenny’


This is ‘Tenny’ – well actually his name is Yeabsira Kidanie Tenny, but in true Aussie spirit we gave him a nickname (plus its way easier to say!).

Tenny is our Compassion sponsor child. We’ve had Tenny for a few years now, and its been awesome to see him grow up each year! When we picked Tenny, we really didn’t know what to look for in choosing a sponsor kid except we knew we wanted one quite young and from Ethopia. Tenny was one of the hundreds of cute little faces on the Compassion website who needed some love…

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CAN do…!

Compassion CANI joined the Compassion CAN (Child Advocate Network) yesterday… been thinking about it for a while and decided it’s time to take some action (so to speak!).

I’m excited to get into promoting the awareness of child poverty and challenging those around me (and myself!) to take action to relieve this poverty and to support the world’s most needy kids. Compassion has a big dream:

“At Compassion, our vision is that ‘every Australian Christian is an advocate for children’. Our dream is to see all followers of Jesus in our nation engaged in child advocacy.”

If they can get even close to this…what a massive impact it would have on child poverty! If you are passionate about children, and excited about helping those living in poverty then i’d encourage you to take some action and join the CAN!

If you’re not keen to join, that’s cool, but if you keep reading this blog then I’m going to do my best to challenge people to take some action… so I hope you might consider it!

Give a gift a month

You might know about the good old Tear gift catalogue and give something at Chrissie, once a year, but here’s a challenge to give a more regular gift of life to someone who really needs it: Gift A Month program

“TEAR Australia’s Gift A Month program enables you to help create a world of change.”

By buying a Useful Gift each month for a whole year, you’re supporting TEAR’s Christian partners as they work in partnership with communities overseas, helping them overcome poverty and marginalisation.

Gift A Month is ideal for involving your family, workplace, church or faith community in remembering the poor and supporting them in their fight for justice.

Check it out: