CAN do…!

Compassion CANI joined the Compassion CAN (Child Advocate Network) yesterday… been thinking about it for a while and decided it’s time to take some action (so to speak!).

I’m excited to get into promoting the awareness of child poverty and challenging those around me (and myself!) to take action to relieve this poverty and to support the world’s most needy kids. Compassion has a big dream:

“At Compassion, our vision is that ‘every Australian Christian is an advocate for children’. Our dream is to see all followers of Jesus in our nation engaged in child advocacy.”

If they can get even close to this…what a massive impact it would have on child poverty! If you are passionate about children, and excited about helping those living in poverty then i’d encourage you to take some action and join the CAN!

If you’re not keen to join, that’s cool, but if you keep reading this blog then I’m going to do my best to challenge people to take some action… so I hope you might consider it!


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