A Few Ways to Help East Africa

Unless you are’ living under a rock’ as they say, you would know about the drought, severe famine, fighting and massive refugee problem going on in East Africa or the Horn of Africa. This is an epic humanitarian disaster with millions of people affected and displaced – it rightly deserves our attention and more so our response through action and generosity.

East Africa

It’s great to see the massive amount of action taking place through campaigns and programs by international charity/aid organsations, but it can also be a little overwhelming to know how to help and what to contribute to!

Here are a few great ways to help the people of East Africa:


“…it’s hard to believe that this crisis affects the equivalent of half the entire Australian population.

Before you decide what to give to its good to know why you are giving and what’s actually going on. Check out a few links and bits of good info to help us understand what’s going on.

Here’s a helpful Infographic that outlines some of the key factors that have resulted in an emergency of such magnitude and outlines some of the ways in which you can contribute to help UNICEF deliver vital supplies on the ground. “Eleven million people are affected and over two million children are malnourished. Urgent action is needed to help save people’s lives.”

UNICEF Infographic

Also check out this confronting video showing the reality of the situation first hand:

The Horn of Africa’s children need our help. You can join UNICEF’s effort by visiting: http://bit.ly/o55Nll


WFPTake a quick quiz with WFP and feed a starving child! For every person who takes this short quiz on the drought in the Horn of Africa, a child will receive a warm meal thanks to an anonymous donor to WFP. It only take a few minitues so DO IT NOW

ONESign a petition to call on governments to save millions of lives in the Horn of Africa – today and tomorrow. “Despite the urgency of the situation, most world leaders are responding too slowly. Immediate aid is essential.”


Let’s face it – we’re doing alright in the ‘west’. If you had lunch today you’ve probably eaten more than millions of kids in africa have had in the last week! So here’s a few campaigns/programs that I think are worth giving to:


Lastly, but certainly not least – If you are the praying type then I’d argue that there is no more effective thing you can do than pray to the mighty God of the universe! It was actually interesting to see some recent tweets where people said they don’t usually pray, but in response to some of the crazy things going on in the world today they said they would give prayer a go!

Urgent action is needed to help save people’s lives.

So whether you believe or not, pray in response to the facts above, pray for the people suffering, pray for the organisations helping out, pray for the governments and pray about what you might do to help.

I could go on and list HEAPS more campaigns and ways to help – there’s so much good stuff going on around the globe to help. The main thing that’s needed is action and response by us… the rest of the world population that have the resources to do something about it! So I encourage you to to click on a link above, or go to your favourite charity/aid organisation and I’m sure they’d have some way you can help – SO HELP!


4 thoughts on “A Few Ways to Help East Africa

  1. Thanks Anthony for your post. My year 8 Geography class have been looking into this throughout the year via a unit on inequality across the world. We will commit over the coming weeks to have all Year 8 complete the WFP quiz along with a drive for donations across our school. I will talk with Bec re maybe getting you come in and chat to the class about it. Thanks for your passionand service. Dave

    1. Hi Dave,
      thanks for your comment! I’m glad you found this useful and feel free to use anything for your class – it would be awesome if your class can do the survey and feed stacks of hungry kids!

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