Lately: Water // Water // Water

Water. One of the biggest single issues impacting the lives of millions of people across the third world… hence why there are probably more organisations based on or involved in activites to improve access to or the quality of water.

So it’s pretty easy to find projects and awesome campaigns about water – here’s a few I’ve come across lately…

#1 // Walk to Water – OD Australia

WALK TO WATER on Saturday 15 September and give Christian families in Northern Nigeria access to clean, running water.

The Islamic government continues to refuse to build boreholes for Christian dominated villages…

With a population of 158 million, Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest countries. Its people make up one seventh of the population of the entire continent. However, the area of Northern Nigeria is also an incredibly dangerous place to live as a Christian. Believers are regularly targeted by extremists, with their families, churches and businesses put in jeopardy because of their faith.

Despite ongoing conflicts in the region, Open Doors is going back to Northern Nigeria in 2012 and sinking deep water boreholes into the remote villages of Unguwar Mazadu, Gidan Manya, Kankara and Gidan Bakula. The average cost of surveying, drilling and installing deep water boreholes, including maintenance training is about $12,000 AUD each.

This is a fantastic project which meets the needs of specific group of people in unique circumstances – not necessarily catered to by other organisations. Find out more and get involved –

#2 // Rachel Beckwith’s Wish – Charity: Water

It’s amazing the impact that even a kid can have. Here’s a snippet from DailydoGooder where I discovered this great video: “9 year-old Rachel Beckwith’s birthday wish was to raise $300 so that 15 people could drink safe, clean water. She died in a car accident before this goal was fulfilled. People were moved by Rachel’s wish and through her mycharity: water page, $1.2M was raised to dig wells in Ethiopia.”

#3 // Water Facts: Children –

Check out these revealing and confronting facts put out by This is the first image of a set of amazing facts on how water impacts kids around the world – check out the full facts here.


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