Countdown to a Miracle

Scans of "Button"

Baby #2 (affectionately known as ‘Button’) is due anytime now. I’ve finally just started to get into the ‘baby-having’ mindset and think about the amazing but intense experience we are about to go through. As I reflect on the whole pregnancy and birth experience, I can’t help but be drawn to the bigger picture by recent experiences of friends, and also what I know about some sad experiences of pregnancy and birth that happen in the third world.

I feel so blessed to have one beautiful child, and to be on the verge of having another – if you have kids, stop for a moment and give thanks for them (even though they may drive you up the wall at times!), because it is a miracle that you were blessed with them. Speaking with my mate who recently lost his baby girl an hour after birth, we were reflecting on how the whole birthing and pregnancy experience is something that is seriously out of our control, and very much in the hands of God. Even amazing doctors, with access to the best medical resources, are sometimes powerless – they couldn’t save his little treasure.

Some are blessed with the miracle of life, only to have it taken away from them too soon, but then there are the people who, for whatever reason, can’t get pregnant. I think about my friends who are keen to have kids, and have even been though the tumoltuious process of IVF, and still had no luck. You’re seriously just left wondering “why not God?” But again, even mans’ amazing attempts to create life, is ultimately out of our control, and still very much in the hands of God.

Beyond the first world complications of birth, not that these are in anyway insignificant, I think about what pregnancy and birth can often involve for women in third world countries. First that comes to mind is the many women in Ethiopia and similar countries, who go through the traumatic experience of Obstetric Fistula. My wife Beck first brought this less than well known condition to my attention when we met, and it was shocking to find out what these women go through. It’s a horrific experience, and one of the sadest things is that it’s easily preventable.

Hamlin Fistula® has been treating women suffering from Fistula for over 50 years now and have done seriously amazing work with these women. So if you are looking for a unique and effective cause to be generous to then I would highly recommend these guys – find out how you can help.

since the 1970′s over 163 Million baby girls have been aborted…

Listening to a talk recently I was impacted by a crazy fact on abortions in China, and after a little more research I came across the frightening fact that since the 1970′s, over 163 Million* baby girls have been aborted by parents who preferred sons, or as a condition of the government they live under. This is so absurd when you think about all those people who would give anything to have a child in their life but for whatever reason, can’t.

I could go on forever about the injustices against babies and kids in this world, but just one last mention that I have to throw in because I think this is a fantastic program is the Compassion “I Believe” campaign – “I believe that life shouldn’t end at the beginning” – If you ‘believe’ it too, check out the video below and do something:

It was no mistake when we called our daughter Isabella Grace – “Grace” being an undeserved gift from God. Isy, and for that matter, any child born into this world is an amazing gift from God! No doubt, I am one of millions of parents who have been blessed through the miracle of birth and lucky enough to have a happy, healthy child. But it’s easy to forget that there are also millions of people who for whatever reason can’t get pregnant, or if they have, they’ve then lost their child.

I write this post with both joy and sadness – joy for the amazing gift I’ve been blessed with; sadness for those close to me, and even those I don’t know, for whom pregnancy and birth has brought anxiety, suffering and grief. Whatever you believe, there are certain things in life where it’s just obvious that we are not in control – this is one of them. You’re forced to believe there’s something ‘greater’ – I believe that a child is a miracle and an amazing blessing from the hands of a mighty God who ultimately is the only one who has complete control over pregnancy and birth – He is the giver of life, the true Creator.

* This is accurate as far as I can tell! Source: “Unnatural Selection” by Mara Hvistendahl from Wall Street Journal article


One thought on “Countdown to a Miracle

  1. Great article Anth,I am really impressed, hope all is going well, praying for the 4 of you at this exciting time love Mum & Dad

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